Use Case


IoT Service

Robert Bosch GmbH

Renato Cugler

ThingBook is a smartphone messenger app where users connect with their things, companies (e.g. manufacturers) and services.


In a connected world, humans have to interact with things, services, companies and peer groups. In the Industry 4.0 context, for example, the human being is the focal point. It needs to monitor and control both machine processes (such as sources of errors, anomalies and condition of machines) and business processes (such as orders).

In the end consumer context, the human being is also interacting with connected devices such as smart home devices, and friends / family members sharing the same devices.


ThingBook is a smartphone messenger app where users connect with their things, companies (e.g. manufacturers) and services. As a user you can interact with your things, as well as with other users that have the same things and services offered by Bosch and its partners. As a company you can use ThingBook to deliver your digital services to your customers with a short time to market. The Bosch Developer Portal and Bosch IoT Marketplace will help you to create and sell your digital services.

For customers:

  • Enjoy fast, intuitive, unified and efficient interaction with things, services, companies and peers based on ThingBook’s messenger design (chat/voice)
  • Avoid the `app jungle` and use one app for all Bosch devices instead of many
  • Manage and interact with your things in a unified way (chat/voice) and easily enhance them with additional services (e.g. software updates)
  • Share your experience with your peers (communities)

For partners:

  • Enhance your products and services with the out-of-the-box digital services and feature set of the ThingBook platform
  • 360 degree view on consumers using your product (analytics)
  • Offer your digital services via ThingBook to a new customer base
  • Get in direct contact with your customers (push notifications)

For Bosch domains:

  • Provide a consistent user journey for users of products and services
  • Profit from a network of users and drive innovation based on customer insights across all industries
  • Increase the reach and number of users of your services and products through integration to ThingBook

For developers:

  • Create innovative digital services with a short time to market by using the offered ThingBook APIs and services on the Bosch IoT Marketplace
  • Make your digital services available to your target group via ThingBook/Integrate your digital service.


  • Seamlessly use the Bosch IoT Marketplace, Bosch Developer Portal and ThingBook to create, sell and improve your products, services and solutions
  • Profit from the knowledge of the Bosch IoT Consulting team to create and accelerate your IoT business model
  • Get in touch with the large customer base of Bosch across all industries.