Version: 2.0 Status: GA Developer: Bosch Healthcare Solutions

Solution overview

The Bosch Emergency Assistant (BEA) is our innovative emergency call solution. In the event of an emergency, professional agents who are on call 24/7 are alerted and can organize suitable help depending on the situation. Transmission of your location details and provision of emergency data allow the agent to accurately assess the situation.

The Bosch Emergency Assistant can be easily integrated into a variety of networked products while creating enormous added value for end users.

Find out more about Bosch Emergency Assistant here. See more information here about Vivatar, a great example of Bosch Emergency Assistant in action.

Easy to integrate

RESTful API requests can be trigged from any connected devices such as eBikes, Vehicles, Personal Guardian Angels and others.

The BEA allows for different levels of integration into your own client backend system by optionally providing hooks:

  • No additional authorisation of end-users, all requests will be accepted by BEA
  • Hook for verification of end-user’s service authorisation is provided by your backend, which gets a user identifier (e.g. id, phone hash) and returns with a true/false response
  • Both a hook for verification of end-user’s service authorisation as well as a hook for retrieval of additional user date is used

Save time for your development team

SDK for Android and iOS platforms is available.

Current status and product roadmap

The BEA is currently in a closed beta state and can be used for external evaluation purposes. The API is quite stable, but smaller changes might still be introduced.

Additional functionalities for new versions are currently in development, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • A passive registration via web interface for emergency contacts to be available
  • An integrated UI/UX experience

We are open for ideas and wishes from our customers, so please contact your BHCS partner or for providing them to us.

What's next?