Before you start

In order to be able to use the service in production, you need to have a valid contract with Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH so we can create your tenant in our backend system.
After your business has been configured in the backend systems, you’ll get a unique tenant identifier which has to be used when configuring the mobile platform library or when accessing the REST API directly. Contact your partner at Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH for any further questions you may have.

Evaluation and test purposes

We have created a generic tenant ID 093f4bec-d307-4c55-9538-2708c5eb7040 for testing purposes. 

Sample request to trigger emergency event

Reminders: All endpoint and credentials are provided for testing purposes only.
curl -i -X POST \
   -H "bes-tenant-id:093f4bec-d307-4c55-9538-2708c5eb7040" \
   -H "Content-Type:application/json" \
   -d \
  "version": "3.0",
  "msisdn": "+491234567890",
  "identifier": "e8bd567e917e41a827e93d920c096d24306dd9378394540df7fd94a611e96439",
  "reporting_id": "cd0a781beaa5cb2d3a320c25f10260e26e166313591f8e1792c28805bc3ba804",
  "tenant_key": "BSO20",
  "event_id": "220529a2-cbde-4d69-940b-7931c03069c9",
  "monitoringRequestFlag": false,
  "msd": {
    "geoPosition": {
      "accuracyLevel": "fused",
      "timeStamp": "2017-07-11T13:54:34.181Z",
      "latitude": 52.5019859,
      "longitude": 13.4484715,
      "accuracy": 15,
      "direction": -1
    "language": "en",
    "timeStamp": "2017-07-11T13:54:34.181Z",
    "event_type": 1,
    "event_cause": 2,
    "event_context_info": [
    "call_handling": "voice",
    "trigger_type": "manual",
    "test": true
}' \