What is the Bosch GLM/PLR Bluetooth App Kit?

Build your own app for working with GLM and PLR devices

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Read more about existing Bosch apps and software that support Bosch GLM and PLR laser rangefinders

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GLM/PLR App Kit: Benefits and Use Cases

The provided Bosch MT Connect protocol handles connectivity and command interface, and libraries for iOS and Android enable an efficient development and user experience:

  • Develop apps for iOS and Android
  • Protocol accommodates Bluetooth communication interface
  • Allows user to record measurements digitally for a smoother workflow
  • User can control device laser and make other commands remotely

Which devices match the App Kit?

The App Kit protocol and sample apps accommodate the following laser measurement devices:

  • GLM tools (select Country then search "GLM")
  • PLR tools (select Country then search "PLR")
Supported Devices

Other software for GLM and PLR devices

Don't need to develop your own app right now? For these and other connected measurement devices, take advantage of Bosch-developed apps and software:

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