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Developer Portal

COBI.Bike DevKit

The perfect fusion of smartphone and bike. Collection of Open Source components to develop modules for COBI.Bike.

Get Started - Build Your Module

The DevKit module "Speedometer" module was created using Yeoman and it allows for rapidly getting started on new COBI.Bike projects.

Dependencies are installed using npm.

Step 1 - Clone  Fork me

Download sample module project, clone our repo.

git clone

Step 2 - Install

Install all dependencies using npm.

npm install

Step 3 - Run

Start the COBI.Bike Speedometer module.

npm start

The module should load as shown below:

COBI.Bike Speedometer sample module

Step 4 - Experience your module

You are almost there, let's get you set up to try your new module using our simulator.

Step 4.1 - Install the DevKit Chrome Extension.

Step 4.2 - Open your web application (from Step 3) with Google Chrome.

Step 4.3 - Open up the Developer Tools (⌘ + Option + i / Ctrl + Shift + j).

Step 4.4 - Select the »COBI.Bike« tab in the Developer Tools (check the overflow menu).

Step 4.5 - To get the best experience, switch on the phone mode in the upper left corner and rotate the device to landscape.

Step 4.6 - To simulate riding and fitness data you can play back one of our sample cobitrack or GPX files.


Congratulations, you are ready to build your own module!

For more modules, download source code from these GitHub repositories:

 Spotify DevKit module for

Control the Spotify player remotely.

Download source code


 Ping Module

Quickly send text messages with current location

  • Browse message templates via handlebar remote
  • Pick contact from address book
  • Sends text message via Online API
  • Current location and ETA are attached

Download source code


News Module

Browse current news and read later

  • Retrieves current news from Online API
  • Reads headlines via voice feedback
  • Skip to next/previous article via handlebar remote
  • Add to Safari's Reading
  • List with a single tap

Download source code


 Grid Module

View, reorder and resize your favorite trip data

  • Listens to various speed and navigation events and displays it to the user.
  • The user can zoom in and out with his thumb controller.
  • In edit mode, he may reorder the tiles to his needs.

Download source code