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Developer Portal

COBI.Bike DevKit

The perfect fusion of smartphone and bike. Collection of Open Source components to develop modules for COBI.Bike.


Now that you have installed the Chrome Simulator and seen how well it works with COBI.Bike modules it is time for you to start writing your first module! In this second tutorial you will be able to try out and modify an existing module that subscribes to different data streams coming from the user's bike. Lastly, you will use the user's input via the handlebar remote to display one of these values on the interface. Let's get started!

Learn the fundamentals using our interactive demo

Step 1 - If you have not installed yet, click on the link to install the DevKit Chrome Extension

Step 2 - Follow this link to open our demo page

Step 3 - Open up the Developer Tools (⌘ + Option + i / Ctrl + Shift + j)

Step 4 - Select the »COBI.Bike« tab in the Developer Tools (check the overflow menu)

Step 5 - Your screen should be similar to the screenshot below. (1) Follow all the steps within the JS file, (2) select one of the pre-loaded rides and press "play". (3) Your speed will be displayed here.



Next step: Now that you have learned how COBI.Bike module works, why not start building your own custom module? We have built a sample module to allows for rapidly getting started on new COBI.Bike projects.

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