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Developer Portal

COBI.Bike DevKit

The perfect fusion of smartphone and bike. Collection of Open Source components to develop modules for COBI.Bike.

Test your module

Now that you have supercharged your Web App, you can test your module either in the Chrome browser on your computer or directly in the COBI.Bike iOS App on your bike.

Browser Testing

Step 1 - Install the DevKit Chrome Extension

Step 2 - Access the URL of your module using Google Chrome

Step 3 - Open up the Developer Tools (⌘ + Option + i / Ctrl + Shift + j)

Step 4 - Select the »COBI.Bike« tab in the Developer Tools (check the overflow menu)

Step 5 - To get the best experience, switch on the phone mode in the upper left corner and rotate the device to landscape.


Step 6 - To simulate riding and fitness data you can play back one of our sample cobitrack or GPX files.

On-Bike Testing