This offer is only addressed to commercial customers including freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Developer Portal

COBI.Bike DevKit

The perfect fusion of smartphone and bike. Collection of Open Source components to develop modules for COBI.Bike.

On-bike Testing

Test your own module using your phone connected to a COBI.Bike Hub.

Step 1 - Purchase COBI.Bike

For on-bike testing you will need a COBI.Bike product installed on your eBike or traditional bike.

You don’t have a COBI.Bike yet? Buy now from

Installation instructions for new owners

Step 2 - Install COBI.Bike app on your phone

  Mobile users: click here to be redirected to your app store.


Step 3 - Connect your phone to the hub

COBI.Bike pairing mobile app with hubAfter you have installed the hub, thumb controller and battery, you can connect your smartphone to the hub via Bluetooth. The instructions in the app will guide you through the connection process. After the first connection, COBI.Bike will start automatically when you approach your bike with Bluetooth activated.



Step 4 - Create a COBI.Bike developer account

  • Login to using same credentials from the mobile app.
  • Click on the tab "Developer" as indicated in the image below.
  • Accept the Terms of Service


Congratulations! You have created a COBI.Bike developer account and will be able to add your own module to the app.

Step 5 - Add your module to the COBI.Bike app

You have now a developer account and a new module called "My Module" will be displayed in the "More Modules" list.

Type the URL of your module and close to go back to the main page.


Your module should now be visible within the COBI.Bike app. Click "My Module" to open it.

Enjoy your new biking experience powered by your newly created module.