Development Starter Kit

BUILT SUPER SMART machines easy and fast


See how our complete evaluation kit can help you build your robotic POC


Use our low code platform with huge function library or integrate your own code


Use our mission control center to set up and manage robotic fleet jobs


Take the next steps towards full production of your series-ready solution

Common challenges in robotic development

Next evolution in mobile robotics engineering

Easy, fast, low cost and flexible! Our kit provides you essential components, software functions
and configuration tool chain as well as fleet management to install, plug in and get started on
your way in automation even without deep robotic know-how. It's the ideal solution for everyone
who want to start big projects in a series-ready development environment.

Series hardware, Mission control backend, automation control software, customer support all in one box

Develop           Manage           Hardware           Downloads

Just 4 easy steps to evaluate
Order, Unbox, Register, Install, Configure software, Execute jobs, Get help


Three phases from evaluation to series

Evaluation with development starter kit for automation for 6 months, start series development project with Bosch Engineering GmbH, use high level automation in your series machines 

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