Track your XDK sensor values remotely!

Easily connect your devices to the cloud and start prototyping your Internet of Things (IoT) application! The XDK Cloud Connectivity from Bosch allows you to organize all the measurements coming from all your XDK’s. Enjoy the simplified visualization and centralize all different parameters which are relevant for your sensors.


Your benefits with XDK cloud connectivity

  • Fast and easy way to prototype your IoT use cases
  • Simplified device set-up via Bosch IoT Hub and Things (cloud services of the Bosch IoT Suite)
  • Make use of Bosch IoT Suite services to build professional IoT solutions
  • This code example helps you to get you started with your own IoT solutions


Characteristic features

  • End-to-end encrypted MQTT connectivity from XDK to cloud
  • Get started with our free version, then scale your professional IoT solutions with our usage-based pricing models
  • Built on top of the stable, secure and powerful Bosch IoT platform


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